In the Shadow of the Lamp

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In the Shadow of the Lamp

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Haha ikr? But thats why they have shortcuts..

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Forgot your username or password? User Info: Krispies Krispies 4 years ago 1 I opened the shorcut to the right of the lamp in the forbidden forest. I also opened up another shortcut in the forest where you drop down a small ledge and theres a single mob walking back and forth.

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I opened that gate as well. Is there a closer lamp? Its quite a long haul to the boss fight even with the 2 shortcuts opened.

Shadow Soundtrack - "The Lamp Lit All Night" - Lao Zai

And if you get it under your eye level, you get a reduced illumination area and hard shadows. The light uses the same Light Emitting Diodes and lenses set at the same angles as the lamps used in surgical theaters. The wide angle diffusion allows for a large illumination area and minimal shadows. These are optimal lighting conditions for any kind of detail work that requires long hours on a desk—like illustration or drafting.

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