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You'll find these small, tart pickles in gourmet grocery stores; otherwise, gherkins will work just fine. Or, if you have capers on hand, you may substitute 1 tablespoon drained capers for the pickles. This recipe can be prepared up to two hours ahead.

Made with a vinaigrette, green onions, and bacon, German-Style Potato Salad is a super-quick side dish that can be made in 20 minutes. A mix of red, purple, and brown-skinned fingerling potatoes makes this salad exceptionally stunning. If you can't find them, substitute small red potatoes. You can serve this dish at room temperature just after it's tossed together, or make it ahead, refrigerate, and serve chilled.

Starchy, saucy, and refreshing, this healthy potato salad is pure comfort food—a crowd-pleaser that can be made ahead. And while it may be a salad, it's hardly summer-figure-friendly. The classic mayo-based version sneaks in more than calories and 23g fat—a not-so-skinny accompaniment to all that rich barbecue. While we may call it All-American, this definitely isn't your mother's potato salad, high in calories and fat.

We use canola mayo and even add three hard-boiled eggs for a substantial, filling side dish. For something different, try this potato salad. The dressing's bacon drippings barely temper the sweet-tart notes from sugar, cider vinegar, and white vinegar. We halved the usual amount of bacon and bacon grease to cut calories and saturated fat, so a few slices of flavorful applewood-smoked bacon stand in to extend flavor.

If you don't like mayonnaise, this is the potato salad for you. With a vinaigrette base, the recipe truly lives up to its light and fresh claims.

To make matters even better, there's only 90 calories per serving. Eat up! Madras curry powder adds an extra degree of heat to this fun take on the potato salad. Greek yogurt keeps the consistency thick and the calories low, while cashews contribute an unexpected, yet pleasant crunch.

Dill, parsley, and onion combine with yogurt and sour cream to make a pungent, creamy dressing. This tangy side dish with sweet onions and honey pairs beautifully with burgers or steak. This salad is best chilled but can stay at room temperature for up to two hours. You can also use sweet-hot mustard in place of the Dijon and honey for a zesty flavor. While you might serve potatoes as a side dish to lamb, the two are even better when combined in this Greek Lamb and Potato Salad.

Hearty and filling, the Mediterranean flavors are a welcome variation to traditional potato salad recipes. This potato salad is a great side dish, but it can stand alone, too, thanks to hearty ingredients like chicken and a variety of vegetables. Leftovers make an easy and satisfying lunch. Sneak another veg into the potatoes with our green dressing that has peas and spinach. This recipe's a time-saver, too: A quick sear and a sprinkle of panko cuts prep and cook time in half compared to breading and baking.

August 27, Pin ellipsis More. Photo: Jennifer Causey. Start Slideshow. Image zoom. View Recipe: Creamy Potato Salad. View Recipe: Smoked Potato Salad. View Recipe: Savory Potato Salad. View Recipe: Roasted Potato Salad. View Recipe: Curried Potato Salad. View Recipe: Herbed Potato Salad.

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Get the recipe at Fork Knife Swoon. For added flavor, throw in a teaspoon of sugar or honey. Get the recipe at Closet Cooking. Get the recipe at Cooking Classy. This recipe's white balsamic-honey vinaigrette is the icing on the cake or, the dressing on the salad, actually! Get the recipe at Aberdeen's Kitchen. Ge the recipe Gimme Some Oven. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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Berry Watermelon Fruit Salad. Courtesy of Closet Cooking. Creamy Dilled Cucumber Salad. Courtesy of Cooking Classy. Honey Lime Rainbow Salad. Just slice up your favorite fruit, toss into a bowl, add dressing, and voila! Classic Macaroni Salad. This dish is a summertime staple, so you'll want to take it to all your picnics or barbecues.