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Chairman, Scientific Sub-Committee, Department of Industry, Technology and Commerce. Member, Programme Executive Committee. Member, Programme Advisory Committee. Member, International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon. Member, Fellowship Selection Committee, Member, Scientific Council, Chairman, Scientific Council, Member, special working groups, , Honorary Consultant, Communicable Diseases Division, Subcommittee on Transfer of Technology, Chairman, Programme for Vaccine Development. Consultant, February - July, Member, International Jury, Member, Vaccine Selection Group, Division of Immunology and Genetics,.

John Curtin School of Medical Research,. Australian National University, Canberra.

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  • Visiting Fellow, Department of Microbiology,. Chairman of Department, Biochemistry and Biophysics Research Unit,. Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Melbourne. Head of Unit, Commonwealth Serum Laboratories, Melbourne. Visiting Professor, ;. Associate Director, The immune response to infections.

    The immunological principles of vaccine development for infectious diseases, cancer, allergies, to control fertility.. Antigens, Lymphoid cells and the Immune Response. Academic Press, pp. Library of Congress Catalogue Card number Vaccines, Vaccinations and the Immune Response. Lippincott-Raven Press, pp. ISBN Vaccination: the facts, the fears the future. Allen and Unwin, Sydney, pp. ISBN 1 6.

    Ada, G. Electrophoretic studies on the serum of golden hamsters infected with Leishmania donovani. Phospholipin metabolism in rabbit liver cytoplasm. Effect of haemagglutinating viruses on the electrphoretic mobility of human erythrocytes. Nature, ; Electrophoretic studies on virus-red cell interaction: mobility gradient of cells treated with viruses of the influenza group and the receptor destroying enzyme of V. Stone, Joyce D. Electrophoretic studies of virus-red cell interaction: additive effects of viruses of the influenza group and the receptor destroying enzyme of V.

    French, E. Repair in vivo of the surface structure of the guinea pig erythrocyte. Nature, ; Purification of the receptor destroying enzyme of V. Studies on the complement fixing antigen of influenza virus. Purification of the antigen. Electrophoretic studies of virus-red cell interaction: relationship between agglutinability and electrophoretic mobility. Preparation from urine of a substrate mucoprotein for the influenza virus enzyme. Holden, H. Physical apparatus in biological research.

    The electrophoretor. Studies on the soluble complement fixing antigen of influenza virus. Serological behaviour of the antigen. The nature of the antigen.

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    The nucleic acid content of influenza virus. Action of the receptor destroying enzyme of V. Infectivity and nucleic acid content of influenza virus. Specific differences in the nucleic acids from A and B strains of influenza virus. Influenza virus nucleic acid; relationship between biological characteristics of the virus particle and properties of the nucleic acid. Ribonucleic acid in influenza virus. In: The Nature of Viruses. Ciba Foundation Symposium, London. Gottschalk, A.

    The separation and quantitative determination of the component sugars of mucoproteins. The component sugars of the influenza virus particle. Ada, G L. Infectivity of influenza virus filaments. Nature, , Stimulation of production of the receptor destroying enzyme RDE of V. Dineen J.

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    Rapid extraction with ethyl acetate of free fluorescein derivatives from fluorescein isocyanate-globulin conjugates. Biological and physical properties of the Ryan strain of filamentous influenza virus. Properties of the nucleic acid of the Ryan Strain of filamentous influenza virus. Failure to recover infectious "ribonucleic acid" from myxoma virus preparations. Anderson, S.

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    Murray valley encephalitis virus: preparation of an infective "ribonucleic acid" fraction. Aust J. The yield of infective "ribonucleic acid" from impure Murray valley encephalitis virus after different treatments. Some aspects of the reaction between crude Murray Valley encephalitis virus and deoxycholate. Virology, 8; Purification of bacterial neuraminidase RDE. Stimulation of the production of neuraminidase in Vibrio cholerae cultures by N-acetyl neuraminic acid and sialyl lactose. Stimulation of the production of neuraminidase in Vibrio cholerae cultures by N-acetyl mannosamine.

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    A lipid component of Murray Valley encephalitis. Nature ; Purification of Murray Valley encephalitis. Purification and properties of neuraminidase from Vibrio cholerae. Neuraminidase in the chorioallantois of the chick embryo. The action of phospholipase A and lipid solvents on Murray Valley encephalitis. Gen Microbiol. Particle counts and some chemical properties of Murray Valley encephalitis virus.