Four Seasons with a Grumpy Goat

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Bruce jumps into one of the last lifeboats filled with women, children and Chinese stowaways, and rows to safety!!

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Accused of cowardice Ismay became, according to one headline, 'The Most Talked of Man in All the World' and his reputation never recovered as he tried to explain the horror of his decision and dishonour at sea. Frances Wilson explores the reasons behind Ismay's jump and how he lived with ignominy for the rest of his life. Overview Episodes Extras More Bruce Ismay.

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Friday 16 September am. It is a wonderfully whimsical read. So who exactly was J,Bruce Ismay?

In Thomas Ismay died and J. The icing on this particular cake is that Vodafone sent an SMS soliciting customer feedback, but owing to a 'server error', it is repeatedly impossible to provide any. So I failed with Vodafone. Well, yes. Except that the bedside table I was interested in is probably a different colour from the one already in the flat. And it weighs 20kg, making it user unfriendly on the Metro and the walk home. I found a vast pile of Swedish Christmas goats in the remainders bin near the checkouts. It would seem that this year's colour is red and is not popular in Budapest.

They're heavily discounted. I refused to queue for maybe an hour for one minor purchase; my next IKEA visit will doubtless be one morning in the middle of the week. As it happens, the other half of Budapest's enormous population was at the Christmas market in the city centre. The place was a seething sea of shuffling shoppers. Busy is one thing, but the amusement factor of my repeated collisions with people who suddenly stop, reverse, or launch themselves out of shop doorways soon begins to wear very thin. Nose In Phone Syndrome doesn't help either. It is the Season of Goodwill, which is probably what helped me not to accidentally elbow anyone in the face.

Smoking in pubs is forbidden, so you typically get a group of lads standing outside on the narrow footway. Come on, guys. If you stood just slightly further apart you could block the footway entirely.

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And then at the next pub, the same again. And again. It's impossible to walk in the road because of traffic. Anyone who behaved in this way in a vehicle would be rightly lambasted as an ignorant arsehole. Yet when he's a pedestrian, the same manners are apparently perfectly acceptable. I guess, because nothing is likely to change in the near future, that no-one should underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups.

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Posted by Grumpy Goat at am No comments: Links to this post. Labels: Budapest , customer service. There has been some significant development over the past couple of weeks. All the electrical conduits and power points have been installed, along with some of the cabling. The water and waste pipes are in and some have been buried in concrete. As plastering requires that the place isn't an ice box, the central heating boiler is installed and working, and all the radiators except the towel rail in the bathroom are warm. The radiators will of course have to come out again for final plastering and painting of the walls behind.

Let's see Heating out, cold water in, hot water out, heating return, condensate The boiler itself is a 'high-efficiency, fan-assisted, condensing' type, which means that it should be cheap to run. Exhaust fumes are physically blown up the chimney. There's no hot water tank; the boiler fires up on demand and is supposed to provide instant and practically unlimited hot water.

Four Seasons With A Grumpy Goat

A fresh-air intake was constructed within an existing ventilation duct, but this is going to need some finishing work so that it doesn't provide nesting space for the local avian wildlife. I queried the rather basic boiler control panel, but the full set of controls are to be remotely attached to the wall in the living area where the main themostat is going.

I've had previous experience of the questionable strength of 20mm plywood to heavy objects affixed thereto. I'll keep careful record of where the plywood is located. Those ceiling fans arrived four days after being ordered. Runaway Bunny is such a classic. It seems a good choice for this time of year. Makes you wonder what we should really be afraid of.

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The book signing was great. He brought his dog, Lily who is a main character in one of the books he wrote and illustrated. I told her how a squirrel once came down our chimney and hopped into bed where I was still sleeping. Needless to say, I am not a big fan of the bushy tailed rodent, although no one was harmed in the incident. I borrowed your idea and wrote her a thank you note too. I just used some pretty stationery I had. I had a sister like William Spiver.

Hardly anyone writes about kids like that. It was a picture book for older children, quite lengthy and at times dark. The illustrations though gave the story some light.

Four Seasons with a Grumpy Goat

Sounds like an intriguing book. I actually have a friend who trained horses in Australia who may like it! Thanks for sharing! I read Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds. It was a fantastic spoof on a traditional ghost story. Hilarious and the illustrations are perfect! Creepy Carrots is so fun! Grumpy Goat sounds very cute! Thanks for the great book recommendations so far! This one is about an owl whose parents are making him stay up late — owl kids have to stay up late, in order to become a wise old owl. The illustrations are super cute. I love how they turn the genre upside down almost Thanks for sharing!

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We discovered this book when it was featured during PiBoIdMo last year. It has ranked as a bedtime favorite ever since. The book is a sweet story of an unlikely friendship. Yay for Boy And Bot! As you will see from some of my future choices this month, I am a sucker for stories about come to life toys. Can you guess which bunny book makes me cry now?

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I have a thing for ABC books and like how each page gives a small amount of historical info, perfect for an introduction. This one sounds great! They depict a very elaborate bunny community both in the forest and underground.