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In , doctors in Russia hoped that year-old Artyom Sidorkin had cancer. On thanksgiving day in , two Minnesota boys named Harold and Charlie Peterson decided to go hunt Researchers intrigued by this habit decided to investigate. Dermatologists tell us that bathing too often may not be good for your skin but obviously not bathin One summer day in , Booboo the cat went missing from her home, in Watsonville California.

The world's oldest person and last known to have been born in the s, died April 15th, On June 21, , marine pilot Cliff Judkins, was refueling in air on his way from California to Haw We're going to have an amazing fact now that's even a little sad. Back in a British forest guard in Roopkund India, while patrolling 16, feet up in the Himala Spiders are known for making some of the strongest fibers in the world.

It turns out the fastest bird in the world just got passed up by a flying mammal. It might be hard to imagine, but there's a town within three hours west of Washington DC, where cel The world's longest commercial airline flight is from Dubai to Auckland, New Zealand, and it covers Back in , the Almeida family lost a beloved pet. On July 30, , American, Luke Aikins became the first person to jump from over four and a miles u On August 23, , the American ship called Nancy was captured in the Caribbean by the English navy Back in January , year old David Kunst was inspired by the moon landing in the summer.

When it comes to human rights and religious freedom, North Korea is one of the most oppressive natio August , it was announced that a fisherman in the Philippines discovered what is probably the w The image of flying snakes might seem like the stuff of nightmares, but in the jungle of South East The largest building in the world by volume is the Boeing factory in Everett, Washington.

Most people picture retirement as a time to relax, visit the grand kids, and maybe take a long cruis The human eye might be more awesome than we ever imagined. June 1, , the world's longest and deepest tunnel called the Gotthard Base Tunnel opened in Swit The beautiful village of Rjukan, Norway is situated in a deep valley where mountains block the sun's On February 15th, , the Chelyabinsk meteor surprised everybody when it shot across the sky over Religious services are not just good for your soul.

Among the first wave of English settlers that set foot on Plymouth Rock in was a Puritan named In , Mary Ann Franco was in a serious car accident that injured her spine, and consequently caus When you were growing up, did you ever hear your parents ask, "Well if your friends told you to jump The person who holds the record as the heaviest human being on the planet is a Saudi Arabian man, Kh Victor Lustig was probably one of the smoothest con men in history.

We've all heard of homing pigeons, but have you ever heard of a homing penguin? Contrary to their dirty reputation, pigs sometimes called hogs and swine are actually very clean ani In the summer of , engineer, Percy Spencer, was conducting tests on a magnetron. The Angkor Temple Complex in Cambodia is the largest religious monument in the world. The honeyguide is a bird about the size of a robin that lives in East Africa. DNA is a miraculous thing, more precisely known as the deoxyribonucleic acid. The world record for the fastest that a human being has ever run is held by a Usain Bolt, who was cl Little Tyke, a female African lion born and raised in America, lived her entire life without ever ea Did you know that the ocean is a very noisy place?

For thousands of years, people have been using sponges in a multitude of ways. In , doctors in Russia thought that year old Artyom Sidorkin had cancer. Larry Swilling's wife, Jimmie Sue, was born with only one kidney.

We've all heard the expression 'fighting like cats and dogs' because normally, dogs and cats don't g Hulda Crooks was born in a log cabin in Saskatchewan Canada in On July 15th , a squadron of six P38 and two B17 bombers left from their secret air base in Gree Ferdinand Waldo Demara Jr. On January 10, , a British-built de Havilland Comet, one of the first commercial jet airliners t A recent spike in cases of one of one of history's most feared diseases has been blamed on a less th Dogs have gone to war for a thousand of years but, during the First World War, one clever K9 rose ab From time to time when people lose faith in government, it can trigger a rapid devaluation of their According to the Environmental Protection Agency, E-waste is the fastest growing category of waste In Guinness World Record holder Jeff Kolodzinski set a new fishing record, using nothing more t In police broke into an apartment in Croatia to establish who owned the vacant property.

Kiyoshi Kimura, a businessman who owns a chain of sushi restaurants in Japan has once again set the People were in awe back in when Harvard University scientists created a miniature flying robot The Bowhead whale is a large stocky dark colored leviathan that haunts the fertile arctic oceans. If you struggle with arachnophobia, you would not want to have visited the Baltimore wastewater trea In , the emperor of India, Shah Jahan, went on a military campaign to crush a rebellion in his k Each morning like clockwork, they board at the subway off to the hustle and the bustle of the big ci At first glance, the grasshopper mouse found in the deserts of the Southwest looks like a cute littl The call of a howler monkeys voice can travel three miles but an elephant's voice is deeper.

Each winter in Alaska, the common wood frog freezes solid. The world's oldest bird with the wildlife band is prepping to be a mom again at age In , a 61 year old sheep and potato farmer named Cliff Young decided to participate in the world According to the Guinness world records, Roy C. When I was a kid here's a popular corny joke we like to share. Westminster Abbey in London is one of Great Britain's most famous churches.

Sir Isaac Newton is widely recognized as one of the most influential scientists of all time, this br The most powerful computer on earth is your brain. At 50, degrees Fahrenheit, a bolt of lightning is hotter than the surface of the sun and one of t The city of Tehran has a super-sized pest problem.

On a beautiful Sunday morning June 10th, a British Airways jet was packed with passengers flyin Jeanette and Alan, a couple from Melbourne, Australia love to run so much that they decided to run t For nearly thirty years a ghostly recluse haunted the woods of central Maine. I wonder would you like to hear a few amazing facts about the ocean? After Stan Cathy and his wife Linda married, as part of the combining of households she urged him to Found in Africa, Australia, and Madagascar the alien looking Baobab tree is sometimes known as the t Back between the years and some massive oil storage tanks were excavated out of the solid Many years ago, Al Capone virtually owned Chicago.

There's a man from Gujarat, India called by many, "The man who made a forest. On August 24th, Matthew Webb leapt into the water at Dover, England and 21 hours and 23 minutes The record for hiding out was made out by a young Chinese college student, by the name of Cheng Lou At one time, the government of Australia actually launched a war against birds. Knights were also generally the wealthiest of the three types of soldiers.

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In the little country of Albania in Eastern Europe achieved its independence. Sooty Terns are large, common seabirds with white under parts and dark black upper parts; found thro In February , a Northern California couple, while walking their dog on their country property ea Well, the story is still coming in.

In , two and a half year old Michelle Frank was playing with her brother near their home outside For decades, futurists have talked about the day that computers would become as powerful and versati We have all heard of people that become sentimentally attached to their cars, the Austin Healy Harrison Okene begged God for a miracle in turbulent seas 20 miles from the coast of Lagos. In , a grad student, Donald Currey was working with forestry personnel in the white mountains of Late one afternoon in , a young cowboy named Jim White was looking for stray cattle in the New M In the US army launched an ambitious project only miles from the North Pole.

Did you know that super glue was discovered completely by accident during World War II? The medieval knight was one of three types of fighting men during the medieval ages: knights, foot s In , a poor Indian farmer from Gehlaur Village lost his young wife due to a lack of basic medica In , a mystery was solved. Humans and birds are not the only creatures that sing; whales sing, too. Between the spring of and the end of , China experienced one of the deadliest famines in ea Scattered through the rain forests of Central and South America can be found some of the brightest a The Rocky Mountain locusts were an abundant species of grasshopper that ranged through the Western h A Chinese company called Broad Sustainable Building has been granted permission to begin constructio A man in India, Datta Phuge, has taken extravagance to a new level.

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Astrology, fortune telling, palm reading are a global multi-million dollar business. In Aaron B. Due largely to laptop computers, smartphones and email, the concept of leaving work at the office ha Horses come in many colors shapes and sizes, black and white, hairy and smooth, big and small accord With his steady bass, baritone voice, gospel singer and hymn composer, George Beverly Shea, has been In , doctors in Russia thought that the year-old Artyom Sidorkin had cancer.

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Even though he lived in his quiet neighborhood for years, no on seemed to know Walter Samaszko. Frank Lloyd Wright was probably the most famous and productive American architect. Tyrian purple also known as royal purple or imperial dye was a very rare ancient natural dye. According to a study by the British Charity OxFam, natural disasters have quadrupled in the Of the roughly 40 million cattle that make the ultimate sacrifice in the US each year, about 35 thou Little Tyke, a female African lion born and raised in America lived her entire life without ever eat After year old Trevor Wikre badly shattered his little right finger at football practice, the doc Malala Yousafzia, a year old Pakistani girl, gained international recognition when she boldly wro You might be surprised to learn the most deadly animal in Africa is not the lion or the crocodile, i Estimates suggest that there are approximately 20, cases of snakebite in Nepal every year causing After her husband died in , Adrianna Villarreal Buenos Aires made it a point to frequently visit Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor to unify greater China.

If they can ever complete it, their house will be one of the largest private mansions in the United In , a handful of former counterfeiters botched a morbid plan to kidnap the body of Abraham Linc During World War II, the allies created an entire army of inflatable tanks, trucks, jeeps, phony art On August 19th , a burglar brandishing a knife had the shock of his life when he broke into an o Even before Herbert Fisher passed away at a back in February , he and his wife Zelmyra - In , two and a half year old Michelle Funk was playing with her brother near their home outside Icebergs generally range from about three to feet above sea level.

Polyglottism is the ability to speak several languages with a high degree of proficiency. How does the fish know just how far to leap and in what direction? On March 18, , a spark ignited a thick cloud of natural gas that had silently accumulated in the According to Guinness World Records, in in Scotland following weeks of record breaking snow sto A young mother in Argentina was devastated when she woke up following child birth, to learn the baby This week will mark the th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, one of the worst On August 24, , Matthew Webb slipped into the water at Dover England and 21 hours and 45 minutes On September 1st, , the Carrington Super Flare, the largest solar flare in modern history, struc According to the Guinness World Records, the largest library in the world is none other than the U.

Did you know that if you took all of the stones from the three great Egyptian pyramids at Giza, you On October 13, , the nation of Israel traded over 1, Palestinian prisoners in exchange for th An emerald was found in Brazil that weighs more than 25 pounds, and that's after it was cut and poli How could an army with less than people overpower a kingdom of over two million?

Did you know that if you hold out a grain of rice at arm's length on a clear night, the little spot Did you know it takes about 20 seconds for a red blood cell to circulate the whole body? A family in Virginia was devastated when their beloved dog, a three year-old terrier named Petunia, Superman could supposedly travel faster than a speeding bullet, but now there's a missile that can c What do you think the chances for survival would be for an unarmed, 16 year-old who was attacked by Can you imagine your dismay, if you are out scuba diving with friends in the open sea?

Let me tell you a little bit about Thomas Parr. How could an experienced pilot take off from Brooklyn, New York, heading for California, and acciden John Cochran graduated from high school and from college.

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Daniel Kitsch was born with an aggressive form of cancer which attacked the retina of his eyes. Despite his involvement with organized crime, Eddy loved his little boy. I think we have all heard stories about twins. The African crested rat was thought to be poisonous for many years. Well you know people have often wondered for centuries if the hair of a person who has been terribly Back in a mailman back in Havana, Cuba read in a newspaper that the Olympic Games would be held Way back in a young Rhode Island man named, Martin Dalton, was convicted of murder and sentence One stormy night in , a group of traveling musicians arrived at the city of Riga on the Baltic S The war was over and The S.

Did you know a member of the grass family is considered to be the fastest-growing plant in the world In the spring of in Northern Wisconsin, several ornithologists were making an aerial survey of The largest iceberg ever recorded broke off the frost ice shelf in Antarctica in March of He may have been the worst serial arsonist in US history.

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The largest creature in the world of course, is the blue whale. When it was first built in the early s, the Queen Mary was the largest ship in the world, even s There are no creatures on earth quite like cats. Lake Peigneur was a modest, shallow lake of fresh water near New Iberia, Louisiana. As a child and a teenager, Jack experienced very poor health.

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Neutron stars are one of the mysterious wonders of the universe. Back in , a French train set the locomotive speed record by reaching miles an hour. Sleepwalking, also known as somnambulism, is a troubling condition where individuals— mostly childre On November 19, , a year old woman in Paris was found who had been trapped in her own bathroo According to the U. Running miles north to south, the Alaskan Oil Pipeline is one of the man-made wonders of the mod How did Halloween originate?

President Bill Clinton was once accused of renting out the White House rooms in exchange for campaig There are some really incredible stories about the detecting abilities of dogs. In August , a large chunk of ice broke free in the waters of Greenland. On February 4, , nineteen-year old Patricia Hearst was kidnapped from her Berkeley, California a Despite his involvement in organized crime, Easy Eddie tried to teach his young son right from wrong Park Rangers were bewildered how to stop the carnage in a baffling five-year rampage of uncharacteri In the jungles and rainforest of Central and South America can be found an unusual member of the Igu Rachel Krishevsky truly believed the commandment to be fruitful and multiply.

In July , the United States performed a secret test. February 12, , over , cheering spectators gathered in Times Square to witness the start of Violet Jessop experienced and survived an almost unbelievable array of events. The star-nosed mole is a weird and wonderful little creature that inhabits the low wetlands of East Todd Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln, seem to have a life at the close calls.

Mountain climbing can be a dangerous business. For as long as anyone can remember, the Lemba Tribe in Zimbabwe, South Africa has claimed to descend On Monday, January 10th, , a minivan struck and killed a man crossing a Brooklyn street. First recorded about a hundred years ago, the mysterious sliding stones of Death Valley have been a Walking Catfish are a unique species of fresh water catfish found primarily in South East Asia.

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They knew something was wrong when their drill suddenly seized up at about ft. Ancient Norse History speaks in the old sagas about a fearsome class of warriors called berserkers. Bananas are a fruity miracle. On July 23, , Air Canada flight , ran out of fuel at 41, feet. Talk about a reversal of fortune, on December 1st, , two homeless brothers--so poor they lived i For about years, the Roman empire was the undisputed, military powerhouse that conquered most of Honeycomb worms live along the shallow seas off the California coast stretching from Baja California The record for hiding out was made by a young, college, Chinese student by the name of Cheng Lim.

Dutch creationist, Johan Huibers, had a dream that someday Holland would be flooded. Not all garbage ends up in the dump. In November, , a farmer living near the village of Hoxne in Suffolk, England, lost a hammer in o The Goliath Bird-eating spider found in the jungles of Suriname in French Guiana is the largest spid Hanging from a single electric wire in an old Livermore, California firehouse there is a light bulb Most people would consider themselves fortunate should they get , miles out of a car engine.

Did you know that as you're listening to this broadcast right now, you're glowing? The lungfish of South Africa is an extraordinary creature with some remarkable abilities. While exploring remote coal mines in Northeastern Columbia early in , researchers led by Jonatha Hidden on a remote island near the Arctic Ocean, there's a bunker considered to be the ultimate safe Can you imagine living 4 centuries? When Dutch explorers first discovered Australia in , there were no rabbits to be found throughou Chameleons are among the strangest creatures on earth.

Ancient sailor folklore is filled with frightening stories of monster rogue waves. In archaeologists exploring the ancient fortress of Masada, found some date seeds that had rema Normally a person's core body temperature is around On July 9th, , during the French and Indian war, a force of fifteen hundred British soldiers wer Hidden nestled among the jungle, mountains of Puerto Rico, is a giant sentinel, an aluminum ear one Compulsive hoarding is where a person continually gathers or gets growing piles of useless possessio Cicadas have one of the longest life cycles of any insect.